How to Buy Cheap Stand Up Paddle Boards

Since it is the most popular of varieties, you could easily purchase a cheap stand up paddle board either for touring or just as a fun skateboarding item. A touring paddle board has a comfortable glide that is ideal for an extended cruise. You could select between a soft shell paddle board and one that has a hard shell. Paddleboards of this variety are excellent for recreational activities.

However, if you are interested in boarding competitively you will want to consider one of the advanced designs known as the lifetime horizon. These types of paddle boards are constructed with a heavy duty steel frame, rubber decking, and padded paddle strut to maximize safety. They typically cost more but can provide years of enjoyable service and a strong lifetime horizon. To find out what is best for you, read an industry expert review of these boards.

The Lifetime Paddleboard from Kustomsage is manufactured with a heavy duty aluminum frame and are among the best quality at a reasonable price. This product has been in use for decades and has a reputation for high reliability. It offers extreme maneuverability and ultimate stability. Since it is engineered with maximum stability it does not require a tremendous amount of strength for setup. This makes it easier for people of all ages to use them.

If you prefer a simple design and are searching for a cheaper option than the Kustomsage lifetime horizon you might like to consider the ABC Pro Driftsun. This brand of board offers affordable prices and a great price to value ratio. It is designed with two-wheel stability and an adjustable nose pad to make it easy to get maximum performance out of it. The cast aluminum frame provides superior strength and durability, which make it one of the best products in this price range. The limited slip resistant foam on the deck adds to the comfortable ride and makes it one of the best value propositions in this price range.

While searching for inexpensive alternatives to surfing the current marketplace, many people have come across cheap stand up paddle boarding systems. Although they may be ideal for recreational use they certainly do offer many advantages to the serious surfers. One advantage is using clean water, which eliminates the risk of shark or other fish attack. It also allows for many new wave combinations that the expert surfers simply could not do while utilizing traditional boards.

One disadvantage that the cheap stand up paddle board offers is the inability to get the same level of maneuverability that the pro’s utilize. They offer less flexibility in getting the proper angle. In contrast the pro’s boards typically have an infinite number of variations in riding the wave depending on what stage they are at. The disadvantage they do present is that you are at a significant price advantage when compared to them utilizing a normal surfboard. If you compare the price with the amount of time that is necessary to master a normal paddleboard versus using a cheap version, it becomes clear that they are not equal. The cheap version can last up to 7 days while the pro’s board is usually only good for 2 days.

The good news is that there are options available to increase maneuverability without spending a fortune. Many manufacturers have developed advanced designs of their own. Some manufacturers have even designed products that have multiple deck pads eliminate the risk of your paddle slipping off the deck. There are even some designs available now that will cut the risk of your board ripping during the roughest part of a tail wind. These systems utilize extra webbing or braided tie downs to prevent your board from flexing during severe tail winds. When purchasing a cheap ABC board, it is important to try several different configurations to find out which ones work best for you.

The last thing that we will discuss in this article is to determine your price point for an ABC paddleboard. The average price point is around $25 but there are still a number of manufacturers that offer discounted prices on them. Some of the companies that price their boards at the price point we discussed include Ocean Treks and Back Pack. Whichever price you pay, remember that the ABC brand offers a durable paddle that can withstand the roughest of waters.